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Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated?

Updated: Feb 7

Clearly the skills that are valuable to being a successful FA are linked to emotional intelligence and are human by nature. We will not see a robot any time soon doing better than trust-based advisory!

While we provide effective digital tools to generate new qualified leads and a specifically designed Customer Relationship Management back-end system, our main belief is that Life Insurance (and to some extent Health insurance, and certain General Insurance products) are not transactional due to their complexity and to the length of the commitment.

Life insurance products must be carefully selected to address clients financial needs, looking at their current situation and future expectations. The skills employed go beyond matching mechanically coverage gaps and products; the FA must have empathy (a hallmark of people gifted with emotional intelligence) to discuss sensitive topics around the most painful moments in one's life: critical illness, disability, death.

InsuranceMarketLife ensures that their FAs take the time to forge a trust-based relationship, to listen to their client, and to explain the benefits - and they can do this as we do not put target production pressure onto them.

Full details at the Harvard Business Review article:


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